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At Syner-G Massage Therapy we have your best interest at heart. Whether it’s recovering from an injury, reducing daily stress or improving mobility and flexibility, our desire is to help you reach your goals with the least amount of interruption to your life. Through physical assessment, discussion with you, and our experience, we’ll work together to figure out the best treatment plan to get you back on track!


Holly Fortier

I’m a 2007 graduate from Algonquin College’s Massage Therapy Program and member of the Registered Massage Therapist’s Association of Ontario. I have experience in working with newborns to the elderly and everything in between. I provide client-centered care, working together with you and the rest of your health care team in order to create lasting results that go beyond the treatment room. I have been a faculty member at Algonquin College since September 2018, supervising the student clinic and teaching first year labs which has allowed me to come full circle, back to where I started so many years ago. I also became a Certified Lymphatic Therapist in November 2018 - working extensively in cancer rehab and lymphedema cases. Since March 2020 I have been working for the College of Massage Therapists as a Peer Assessor and have now joined a new Risk Assessment Committee. I grew up in Kanata and have lived in Stittsville since 2013, and am very excited to be working in the heart of this growing community. I stay active by chasing around after my two sons, and squeezing in some HIIT workouts and walks along the TCT with my Golden Retriever, Lola.

why get a massage?

Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • Relieve Pain
  • Reduce Stress
  • Improve Posture
  • Recover From Injury Quicker
  • Improve Mobility and Flexibility
  • Prevent Injury
  • Stimulate and Detoxify the Body
  • It Feels Wonderful!
  • Loosen Up Tight Muscles
  • Reduce Inflammation and Swelling

Holly's certifications

  • RMT Certification (2007)
  • Hot Stone Therapy (2009)
  • Reiki Master Level (2010)
  • Indie Head Massage (2016)
  • KLOSE Certified Lymphatic Therapist (2018)